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Privacy Policy

The information voluntarily provided by the users of the mentioned website is used by, in order for its users to have direct and substantial communication with the store, to provide them with answers to specific questions they ask and finally to serve and execute their orders. The information that collects through the website is also intended to measure the number of visits to the website, to determine the customers' requirements for more products and to facilitate transactions with the company. does not distribute to any other organization or partner not affiliated with the e-mail addresses, or any other information concerning its users and customers.

Collection of Information has designed its website so that its users can visit it without having to reveal their identity unless they wish to do so. We ask visitors to our website to provide us with their personal data only if they want to order product(s), register on our website and/or send emails to

1.- Personal data

When filling in any order form on our website, you will be asked for your full name, address, postcode of your area, your e-mail address, your telephone number, the method of payment of the order and, if you choose to purchase by credit card, the number and expiry date of the credit card. In addition, you may be asked for more specific information, such as shipping - delivery details of an order, pricing details or details of an offer you have requested.

2.- Contact by e-mail

In order to make communication with you more efficient, we are entitled to receive confirmation that you have opened an e-mail we have sent you.

All the above information, as well as any other information you enter via e-mail, is recorded and stored. We use this information in order to safely carry out your transaction with our store. The use of a credit card, for the charging of which documents identifying the details of a legitimate holder are required the first and only time, is secured in every case. Any supporting documents and documents certifying and declaring the identity of the customer remain strictly confidential and are checked only by the competent responsible department of Your submission of your personal data means that you consent to the use of this data by for the purposes mentioned above. requires its employees and website maintainers to provide its client users with the level of security stated in this Privacy Statement. Under no other circumstances may share your personal information with others without your prior consent, unless required through legal channels. Please note that under certain conditions, the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data collected online without your prior consent (for example in the context of a legal dispute resolution process), which you accept, is permitted or required by law or on the basis of a court order.

3.- Automatic information - cookie technology

The has the ability to use cookies as part of the facilitation and operation of services through its website. Cookies are small files (text files), which are sent and stored on the user's computer, allowing websites such as, to operate smoothly and without technical anomalies, to collect multiple user choices, to identify frequent users, to facilitate access to it, and to collect data to improve the content of the website. Cookies do not cause damage to users' computers or to the files stored on them. We use cookies to provide you with information and to process your orders and they are automatically deleted each time you leave the site. You should be aware that cookies are absolutely necessary in order for to function properly and seamlessly.

Correction, Modification or Deletion of Information allows its users to correct, modify, supplement or delete data and information submitted to If you choose to delete information, will act to delete that information from its records immediately. For the protection and safety of the user, will attempt to ensure that the person making the changes is indeed the same person as the user. To access, change or delete your personal data, to report problems with the operation of the website or to make any queries contact via or by e-mail at Changing or correcting your personal data can also be done through the registration page of Please note that we will do everything possible to protect your personal data, but the protection of your password to our website also depends on you. By using this site you are responsible for maintaining the privacy of your password and restricting access to your computer or mobile devices by third parties.

Transaction Security is committed to ensuring the security and integrity of the data it collects about users of its website. has adopted procedures that protect the personal data that users provide to its website or provide to it by any other means (e.g. by telephone). These procedures protect user data from any unauthorized access or disclosure, loss or misuse, and alteration or destruction. They also help to certify that this data is accurate and used correctly. Your connection to it is secure because it uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. SSL technology relies on a key code to encrypt data before it is sent over the (SSL) connection. The security check between the data and the server is based on the unique code key, fully securing the communication. The browsers (browsers) Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari support the SSL protocol and it is recommended to use them to connect to the website of

Periodic Changes

In the context of expanding, updating and improving its website, and its related products and services, is entitled to update this policy. We recommend that you read this procedure periodically in order to be informed of any changes in the content of this privacy policy. This policy may be amended from time to time without prior notice to users.

Acceptance of the privacy procedures implemented by

If you use this website you accept and consent to this Privacy Statement as well as to the terms and conditions of use of the website communicated through it

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